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How to Have a Healthy Business When Working in Multi Level Marketing

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What is MLM? Done properly MLM – Multi Level Marketing, is a form of marketing that distributes products via independent distributors working with the company that supplies the products.

This means that a “proper” MLM company is more of a direct sales company with a product range that people want to use and that they want to use on an ongoing basis.

Supporting that direct sales role is a market plan that will pay the distributors wholesale profit and royalties for recruiting and supporting a sales team of their own.

There are many variations of this that masquerade as MLM but that are not.

If there is no product then it is probably a pyramid selling scheme.
If there is no work to be done, that is, you can make money without having to do anything yourself, then that is also likely to be some sort of scam.

MLM done properly is just traditional sales and marketing where you have satisfied customers who like your products and you get paid directly on the customer base that you create and support. You also get paid for recruiting and building a sales team of your own.

It is almost like there are two halves to the business; the traditional sales and support and the more corporate side of leadership and team building.

This means you can build cashflow from your business and it also means that you can build a residual income from the royalties that can support your lifestyle, give you retirement income or, if you get right into it and do it right, you can get rich.

There are certain things that you need to look for in a company you decide to work with.

The first is that they have a product that you like and that you are interested in. No matter how good the business looks, or how fantastic the market plan, if the product is not of direct and personal interest to you then you are unlikely to be successful with the company over the long haul.

The second thing is that the company needs to be solid. In the industry they talk about the 5 year rule. As most companies fail or change their systems in the first 5 years then getting involved with a company that is less than 5 years old is a huge gamble and is most likely to give no long term results for you. If you are looking for short term cashflow then by all means go with a “ground floor” opportunity but if you are looking for stable, long term residual income to support yourself in retirement then the odds are that an established company is the answer you need. That narrows the opportunity down to just a handful of companies who have a very solid established organization but that also have strong growth.

Finally, you need to find a sponsor, or a sponsorship group, who is going to support you.

If you have someone who you relate to and who is going to put their time and their money into supporting you in your own business then you can be fairly sure that the business they are in is a genuinely worthwhile one. The key to MLM is that your sponsorship should only make money when you make money. That means that they are directly interested in helping you success. Ask questions of the people who are offering you the opportunity. There will always be a set up cost but that cost should be low, often only $100 or so or maybe a little more if you are getting some sample products included in the package. If they are talking over $500 then they are selling you a business, not looking to work with you to build a business. This is different from proper MLM where the whole process is set up to ensure that everyone wins.

Finally, check what the ongoing costs are. A good MLM company creates satisfied customers and makes money for everyone involved. If you are looking at a business that has ongoing costs or fees you have to pay, then you want to make sure that they are not making their money out of selling you marketing tools. If you are putting more than basic start up costs into a business then you need to now that the income it produces covers those costs. With a proper MLM business done in the correct way it should be cashflow positive, not cashflow negative.

If you check these rules and find the right company, with products that suit your areas of interest, then you can build up an income around what you are currently doing till it is strong enough for you to step to it full time. It can be a vehicle to set yourself free and build a financial security that is not left in the hands of governments and funds managers. MLM is one path that can let you take control of your own life and your own future.

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The Importance of Testing in an E-Marketing Campaign

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Traditional direct marketing, whether using print media, direct mail or television, has always used testing as a prelude to a large direct marketing campaign: that is, before committing huge dollars to a large campaign, smart marketers test strategies and offers on a small, targeted audience before rolling the campaign out to the masses.

The same principles apply to e-marketing: before rolling out a campaign to a large audience, test it on a small one. Here’s how:

Search and Research
Examine your existing clients and see how that translates into potential prospects. Look at what your competitors are doing. What strategies are successful? Which ideas can you modify and apply? Are they using email blasts, social networking, relationships with key bloggers? How does their e-marketing supplement their traditional marketing?

Create a Benchmark
Traditional direct marketing always uses a control piece as the benchmark, generally with an A/B split test. The same idea works for e-marketing. For example, if you have an email list of 100,000 prospects, select every 100th prospect to create a test list of 1,000. Send the email you’re using now (this is your control, or “A”)) to 500 names, and send your proposed new email (“B”) to the other 500. Give each a unique response device, perhaps using different landing pages, to track the results. Then test the winner the same way against another concept, offer or design, and track the results again. Once you’ve found the most successful campaign, roll that out to the rest of your list.

Alexa Isn’t Just a Girl’s Name
How is your campaign affecting your web traffic? How much web traffic do your competitors receive? The free website ranking tool,, will provide the traffic you and your competitors are getting every day. If your email blast, for example, is designed to drive prospects to your website, you’ll see very quickly how effective it is. You can also see if your competitors are aggressively marketing by tracking their web traffic, and compare your results to theirs.

Never Stop Testing
Continue to test new campaigns and new variables against your control piece, and don’t be afraid to switch when a new campaign tests stronger. Some of the things you should vary and test are:

• Promotion offered
• Price
• Free offers
• Graphics
• Free Trial
• Color
• Font
• Mail Format
• Length
• Day and time of emailing
• Subject lines and body copy
• Response device (reply to email, visit website, etc.)

Timing is Everything
The time of day, in addition to which day of the week the email is sent out, plays a huge part in how successful your marketing campaign is. Take into consideration who the receiver is, at what part of the day they check their emails – morning, evening, throughout the day – and what time zone they are located in. Generally, Monday mornings are good for news digests but bad for email campaigns. Fridays are often weak days for email campaigns as well. This, of course, varies according to the product/service offered.

Tracking is Everything, Too
Track the recipients who click on a link, open your email or visit your website, as well as how many unsubscribe. Look at the number of prospects who buy (or become clients) from each email or campaign. How do their average orders vary? Is the sales cycle longer or shorter with different emails? There’s no such thing as too much tracking or analysis: those numbers are a goldmine of knowledge.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that ongoing testing is critical to your company’s success in the future. By testing your marketing campaign, you gain more time, money and experience for future projects.

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Is Audio-Visual Marketing Really Effective?

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Audio-Video Marketing

Ever tried audio or video marketing? Then you may as well be the marketer fitting in today’s world, as it is an effective way of driving traffic to a website, and create awareness as well. Nowadays, online video is one of the best avenues to engage an audience – a large audience! Online video allows you to pass a message on multifaceted levels including visual imagery, visual text, music, and also the spoken word. If you didn’t know, this is how you and I learn and consequently create strong brands.

We associate a product or service with a memorable song, a paragraph, or a video graphic that’s compelling. With the media, you reach a large audience for, without having to break your bank account. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (USA) says that over 50% of Americans watch online videos in a year, thus guaranteeing you approximately 160 million views. Remember, that’s the US only!

Is Audio-Visual Marketing Really Effective?

Wharton School of Business showed that video can boost comprehension and retention by up to 50% more than a live presentation can. The study also concluded that many people prefer video to information in print as well. To make your video more effective, send it directly to a targeted list via video direct-mail, or send it to prospective customers who request it after seeing one of your “free video” offer in an infomercial, a direct mail, magazine ad, or internet page (video direct-response). You may as well utilize video premium which is a video that is either free or sold at discounted price as a purchase incentive. Direct-mail builds traffic quickly and is more useful if you’ve just opened a new store. Use the video to take potential customers on a tour inside your store from the comfort of their homes 24/7.

Producing and Utilizing Audio-Video

Fifty percent of creating great viral audio-visual material is about content and production. Come up with content that will make people think and comment, thus effectively driving your marketing message home. Did you know that everyone loves humor? Let people laugh at your video and get infected! Utilize your true talent…may be you are good at shooting a video. People get turned on by true talent and will forward your video to their friends.

Don’t forget to include celebrities in your video, if you want people to rock! It’s a fact that we get easily fascinated with them since websites that follow these celebrities will be interested in what is being said about them – hence land on your video. The bottom-line is that you have to be remarkable in your communication and messages.

Audio-Video Marketing Tips

Movies, television programs, or videos that you and I consider great are backed by great scripts. Isn’t it? As you make your audio-video, ask yourself what your target audience is, and also know their specifics, and the overall goal you want to achieve. Other questions to ask include how the audio-video will be distributed, or whether it’ll need updating to reflect new technology or products?

Your video is effective if complicated products are explained seamlessly. Include music that starts of your video and fades up. Include narration (voice-over) and if your narrator appears has to appear on the video, make sure they look right at the target and sincerely talk to them. Add sound effects that flow and blend in well with the scenes. Make audio-video marketing work for you by capturing real moments involving real people, or discussing your products; and then distribute widely to ensure you reach your target audience. Great strategy for sure!

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Adventure Travel Destination Marketing

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There are various websites which offer great opportunities in traveling. Each and every person in this world loves to go for a holiday. It is very important to choose the right kind of place as your holiday destination. Before choosing your destination it is always very important to discuss it with your family.

When you log on to the internet and look for the travel companies you will get lots of websites. Adventure holiday marketing has become quite popular these days. Adventure travel is one of the websites which provides you proper information about the adventure travel suppliers.

This website has lots of things like information about the car rental companies which are local, various adventure activities, information about different kinds of hotels and resorts. There are lots of tourism suppliers present all over the world. These suppliers can access the marketing pages of this website directly.

They will find lots of opportunities for them in these kinds of websites. Other than the suppliers the travelers also get various benefits from the website. So whether you are interested in adventure destination marketing or in an adventure holiday you can look forward to this website.

As a traveler you can check out the website for the various specials as well as deals offered. There are lots of travelers who like to go for an adventure travel once in a year. There are certain travelers who prefer to deal directly with local hotel owners as well as tourism operators.

They want to deal directly with them because by doing this they get special rates and offers on the holiday package. Other than this, there are many more privileges that are offered by the hotel owners and operators.

When you enter into this website you will different kinds of information as well as blogs written on this topic. You will also mingle with lots of other travelers who can share their experiences as well as reviews.

This website also has a page which is called the vacation special and this page offers you with the list of travel experts. These experts can also offer you with the knowledge about the special offers and packages. Other than this, you also have the destination guide pages.

This page offers you with the opinions of the travel experts. Adventure travel is the website which has become quite popular these days. This website is actually a part of the AXES marketing network for tourism.

If you choose the local hotel owners and contact directly with them then you can enjoy the local activities much better. You can contact with the local hotel owners and operators for destination marketing with the help of this website. There are lots of adventure travel destinations in this world.

You will get information about all these destinations from this marketing website. Online booking options are also available in this website. Other than this, there are lots of other facilities that are available with adventure marketing. So get the best deal now.

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Importance of Direct Email Marketing!

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One of the most popular and cost effective strategy of internet marketing is direct email marketing. With instant feedback from your customers, you are able to frequently monitor your web site’s performance too. If you are into an online business, then your quest for newer forms of internet marketing or advertising grows.

Direct email marketing outsmarts the traditional forms of advertising like the printed newsletter, brochure and pamphlets. It’s simple yet effective form of Internet marketing, reaches out to bulk at the same time.

Use direct marketing post or presale. Utilize this form of Internet marketing to promote products, provide news, and to send confirmations and thank-you notes. If you don’t have time to send the emails yourself, you may choose to use email auto responders. Email auto responders are triggered when an email is sent to you. If you are unavailable, email auto responders can contact the customer for you, providing order confirmations, etc.

Every time you correspond with your clients, prospects, vendors and other key audiences by email, include a convenient way for them to opt-in to your list, giving you their permission to market to them more regularly.

Things you need to follow while you send out a mail for your business or marketing purpose:

A professional signature along with your email: This is a must as it offers a professional look to your email. Include a professional signature at the bottom of your business email, do not forget that, as it’s a vital part of direct email marketing. It usually includes your name, business name, and full web address.

Need to search an affiliate: A signature buddy acts as an affiliate to your internet business. He/she can help you step up your Internet marketing campaign and allow you to reach more customers. Ask someone to include your web address below their own signature every time they send an email. And have a reciprocal link of their web address below your signature too.

E-Newsletter – this should be your next Internet marketing strategy, it is an effective form of email marketing and can be used to promote your products or services.

Send coupons: send complimentary coupons to your customers once in a while.

After sale service: This would be a thank you note, set it in your auto responder, which is a polite way of thanking them after the sale. Read extensively before you venture out your marketing skills.

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