Attract More Customers With Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing, exclusively, can grow your customer base for your business or professional practice. Consistent postcard mailings will give you the greatest results. Repetition is key to your postcard marketing success. A monthly direct mail postcard marketing campaign will cost approximately six dollars per name per year – a very cost effective way to build your business.

“Consider the Midwest School of Music, in Indianapolis, IN. When the owner returned to teaching piano, she used a postcard campaign to get her business started. In a month she had 40 students and hired another teacher. Now a few years later she has 32 employees and has opened a Chicago branch. Aside from a Yellow Pages listing, postcards are her only means of marketing. She tried others, but stopped them all because postcards proved most effective.” *

Postcards are effective because of these four reasons:

Generates Interest – The purpose of a postcard is to generate enough interest so that the recipient responds. Relay one message, even if you have many services to offer. Make the message intriguing so the recipient wants more information. Provide them with resources to get more information with a phone number, web site, and even an email address if they have a question.

Mini Billboard – Postcards are easy for your recipient to keep. If your message is important to them they will keep the postcard on their refrigerator or bulletin board, in their purse or planner, or anywhere that will remind them of the relevant message you sent them.

Timely Message – Messages about current issues are reinforced by other outside sources. Use this opportunity to communicate how working with you will resolve that issue for the recipient. An example would be the price of gas going up. Your insulation business can put a damper on rising heating costs during your ‘Get Ready For Winter’ sale.

Multifaceted – Use your postcard as a coupon, gift certificate, or event ticket. Ask people to present the card to claim an offer. This will generate traffic to your office, web site, trade show booth, etc. It can also be sent to current customers to give to others. When that referred person becomes a new customer, they present the postcard to you and you send out your appreciation gift to your customer.

Postcard marketing is the favored marketing medium for many businesses and professional service providers because it effectively grows their customer base. Real estate companies let you know which houses are for sale or have been sold in your neighborhood. A local dentist would like you as a patient so they offer you reduced rates. The neighborhood restaurant wants your business so they offer you a two for the price of one dinner special on certain nights. Postcard marketing is a simple and inexpensive way of communicating that creates results.


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