Contractor Marketing: What Is the Easiest Way to Deliver Flyers to Homes?

If you are a contractor, you definitely know the importance of advertising as it relates to the success of your business. A quality flyer or postcard, especially one loaded with coupons, can generate a huge response from local area homeowners when designed properly.However, advertising your offers to right homeowners, at the right time is the name of the game. You must consistently reach out to potential customers with direct mail and split test various offers to make a science out of your marketing efforts. The goal is to determine which offer produce the best response rates and then continuously improve those offers while simultaneously generating cash flow. If that sounds like a big hassle, think again. With modern technologies, and online home targeting tools, it can take as little as 5 minutes to order a turnkey direct mail campaign for your area.There are so many marketing strategies available today that it can be an overwhelming process. You can use billboards, magazines, shared mail, local newspapers, radio, television, flyers, coupons, websites, and many others, but how do you know which format generates the best response? It’s simple, look at which strategy is the most “invasive” and most cost-effective. The answer for contractors is direct mail.Advertising through flyers and coupons are the best ways to reach your target homeowner audience. When your huge full-color flyers are in the mailbox (without other advertisers) your offers will be seen. You “force” the homeowner to decide instantly, “do I need this service or not?” All it takes are a few “yes” responses to make the direct mail campaign well worth your effort. Most contractors have average jobs costing thousands of dollars, so even low response rates will make your campaign profitable, very quickly.All you have to do is hire professionals to design and print the flyers and help you target the delivery areas. Adding photos adds to your professionalism and lends credibility to your business. Including “before and after” photos of recent work have a very positive impact on your response rates. Additionally, photos provide your target audience with an instant snapshot of the services that you offer at a quick glance. You must remember that pictures sometimes convey a better message than words can. Always use professional-grade photography in all of your advertisements.When it comes to contractor marketing, designing, printing, and distributing your flyers via Every Door Direct Mail (from the United States Postal Service) is your best option.Good luck and happy marketing!

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