Create a MLM Marketing Funnel

I hope you realize that by now the people who understand how to use technology are going to be wealthiest people in the future. Network marketers also realize that creating your own endless supply of fresh prospects for your business is like having a stream of gold flowing through the middle of your house.

To complete the MLM marketing puzzle you need to learn how to create a marketing system that will funnel all your prospects for you even while you sleep. These days I couldn’t imagine doing network marketing without it.

Your marketing system should educate your prospects automatically so you don’t have to manually keep sending people the same information. Your marketing system will send them the presentations, the overviews and any additional information you want to expose your prospects to.

And please for heaven’s sake, do not send your prospects to your companies website to get information. It will not help you any. Let me explain.

1- Your companies website does not brand you as a leader in your prospect’s eyes. To them, you are just like everybody else.

2- You do not control the information they get once they input their email and other information. You have to control the information you send to your prospects.

Believe me when I say this, people are sick and tired of business opportunity, commercials and any sales ads. They are getting pitched by 10 million people a day.

Your company website dishes out that boring, un-emotional “financial history”, “we have great products”, and “right market trends”. They do it every time and to be honest it’s junk, because that’s not what people are looking for.

You have to stand out from the crowd who pitches everyone on their business opportunity. People do not join companies. They join people.

There are only two reasons why someone will join your business.

1- They see you as a leader that will add some type of value to their lives and joining your team will benefit them in some way. They want you guidance, your value, and think you will be able to help them achieve their goals.

2- Or have a marketing system out this world that closes prospects all day long and makes money day in and day out.

That is only the start and the idea of a marketing system, I took me well over a year to understand how one works and finally master it.

That’s 100′s of ebooks and of course I had to read to get just this idea down.

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