Tyre Repair, Which Is Better? The Plug vs The Patch

What is the best way to fix a tyre? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they get a flat tyre, because considering the motorcycle tyre price in Sri Lanka, replacing them as soon as something small happen is not an answer. The answer depends on what type of repair you need and how much time you have to get it done. If you want an easy and quick solution, then plugs are your best option. They take less than ten minutes for installation and don’t require any tools.

What is a plug type repair? A plug type tyre repair involves drilling holes into the damaged area of your tyre and then pushing metal “plugs” through them. The plugs seal the hole, and therefore prevent any air from leaking out. This method can be done on solid tyres as well as those with puncture proofing layers like Kevlar or steel belts.

A patch type tyre repair requires removing all of the rubber around where you need to make repairs (usually an inch surrounding each side of the hole).

The plug type tyre repair is a quick and easy process, involving inserting an object called a “plug” into the hole in your tyre to seal it up from the inside out. The plugs are made of rubber which quickly expands when inserted through the puncture allowing for a tight fit that seals off leaks very well. They can also be used on solid tyres if you need to stop them from losing air before entering a service shop or tyre centre. In general, they’re easier than patching because there is less work involved with making repairs.

In general, these repairs are done after an impact has caused damage which means you would need to remove all of that rubber from around where your plug or patches will be going because otherwise the glue wouldn’t stick properly. However, it should be remembered that if the tyre damage is irreparable, then there is no other option than getting new motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka, or through a supplier and replacing them.

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