Why You Need a Marketing Support Group

You should create your own marketing support network when you are doing direct or network marketing. There are a few reasons I see for this.

1) To have a running buddy. Someone to help keep you in check to make sure you’re staying on top of your game and doing what you need to do. Someone to give you that little nudge when you need it. I know how it gets frustrating at times and it helps with a little word of encouragement or that zinger of reality to just do it and stop avoiding certain projects.

2) To be able to collaborate with others doing similar things, get ideas for what is and what is not working. If you are stuck on a project or idea, it often helps to have a fresh perspective. The ability to get together and bounce ideas around, brainstorm if you will. Some of the greatest ideas have come out of such communication.

3) A reminder that you are not alone. There are many people out there doing the same thing as you, and going through or have been through the same problems you’re facing. This can be a way for motivation or maybe they can offer their solution as well.

4) Utilize these connections for cross promotions. Personally I would just stay honest. If what they have produced is good and you believe or agree with it, pass it along or leave a comment. Your support group will do the same. This will help not only your business but your mindset in moving forward with all the positive and constructive feedback.

People coming together to help each other is a great power, you never know how much something like this could be mutually beneficial. It might also be a good way to prove yourself a leader and develop a few new leads.

You can find people that are doing the same business that you are, fellow team mates, or marketers in other systems, or even other entrepreneurs in what you might think is an unrelated business. You would be surprised sometimes that even though the business might seem totally unrelated, but it’s marketing and how to get the word out that is the glue to bring everyone together on common ground. I was surprised myself lately when I found that a tourism agency was doing much the same marketing techniques that I was already utilizing or looking into. I was able to give them a few ideas and learned a few things myself.

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